Showing Up – Miami to McKinley 2013 – Kicking off at Metro Ford Miami

by admin 15 May, 2013


by Eric West 30 March, 2013
Kung Fu Grandpa gets it on in the grocery store parking lot. Showing Up Bruce Lee-style. Good for a laugh.


by admin 24 March, 2013
INSPIRATION (with a dash of insanity): “COLD” is a short film about three climbers who summited Gasherbrum 2, the 13th highest mountain in the world, in the middle of winter. This movie trailer is all you really need to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.

Kid President

by admin 22 March, 2013
This kid (President) is Showing Up in his own, cool way. Check this out if you haven’t seen it and don’t forget to Show Up!


by admin 19 March, 2013
The Showing Up Adventure Campaign 2013 is here… and you won’t believe it!

Getting Started

by admin 17 March, 2013
734314_389501351156829_1025391351_nINSPIRATION: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain- PHOTO: Leaving camp 1 on Mt. Everest.


by admin 14 March, 2013
580960_387601294680168_608912938_n “Give your dreams a chance, maybe even a second chance.” -Eric West- Eric West and David O’brien discussing the Lhotse face at camp 2 on Mt. Everest. David had summited Mt. Everest from the north side in 2011 (Tibet) and was attempting to summit from the south side (Nepal) in 2012. David was truly giving his dreams a second chance. David nearly made the summit shortly after this picture was taken, but stopped short to help an unknown climber in serious trouble. The unknown climber would die later that day and David would descend.


by admin 10 March, 2013
429705_384924884947809_2016927333_nINSPIRATION: “If you’re not dreaming, you’re not even trying.”

Highest Bakery in the World

by admin 9 March, 2013
69243_384141985026099_715859778_n MOTIVATION: “Eighty percent of life is just showing up.” -Woody Allen- EDUCATION: Pictured below is the “highest bakery in the world”. The top-center of this image shows the summit of Mt. Everest and the classic Everest plume. The plume is created by hurricane-force winds that scour the summit of Everest almost everyday of the year.

Rowing the Atlantic

by admin 6 March, 2013
INSPIRATION: Showing Up would like to recommend a book called “Rowing the Atlantic” by Roz Savage. Rowing the Atlantic is a reminder that living deliberately is a choice. We don’t have to cross oceans to reach new destinations, but we have to be willing to cast off. Take that shot, you just might score.

One Reason

by admin 5 March, 2013
576181_381217261985238_1711133146_n INSPIRATION: Your dreams are possible because of one reason and one reason only…

The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

by admin 4 March, 2013
  601190_380799538693677_1065842458_nMOTIVATION: This post is in support of two close friends who recently had to postpone the pursuit of their dreams. One was planning a trip to Mt. Everest base camp. She was involved in anĀ auto accident and broke both of her legs. The other was planning to attempt summiting Everest for the second time. He was involved in an iceskating accident and severely damaged his achilles tendon. They both recently underwent surgery and are starting a very arduous recovery program. Showing Up would like to recognize these two dreamers. This message also reminds us all that accidents happen, but armed with persistence and the Showing Up spirit, all of your dreams will come true. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Cerro Torre

by admin 3 March, 2013
EDUCATION AND INSPIRATION: A new place to learn about called Cerro Torre. An inspirational story about ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary objectives. If you like it, then “like” it. Take that shot, you just might score. Eric West Showing Up

Silo Ice Climbing in Iowa

by admin 2 March, 2013
EDUCATION: Iowa really Shows Up with a great educational program for kids and adults. Dare to dream.


by admin 1 March, 2013
734032_378180582288906_1389608503_n EDUCATION: I met this girl, George (short for Georgina) on the way to Mt. Everest base camp. Her parents dreamed of seeing Everest with their daughter and they made it about halfway to base camp before turning around. She was able to miss school only if she wrote a detailed report about her journey which was to be presented to her class upon her return. Little did she know, I always carry a small white board in my pack which is perfect for moments like these. She told me the name of her project and we wrote it together on the white board. She later used this photo for the cover of her school project. Way to go, George!

Astonished Mother-in-Law

by admin 28 February, 2013
182479_377325089041122_1127477654_nInspiration: Behind every successful man is an astonished mother-in-law. Education: This picture was taken at Everest base camp. Note the large rock on top of the ice block and a tent pitched in a precarious location. Tent locations move every day and tents eventually need to be re-pitched as they creep closer to dangerous areas.

Seriously. Fun.

by admin 27 February, 2013
420277_376794512427513_1978698691_n Inspiration: Showing Up merchandise and seriously fun gear have finally been designed and ordered. Our Seriously. Fun. logo will appear on t-shirts, hats, water bottles and so much more. Our logo was designed to remind you that your dreams are important and your dreams deserve your time. Take them Seriously…..and have Fun! Our merchandise debut will coincide with our new Showing Up website in just a few weeks. It’s time to make time! Eric West Showing Up The attached photo was taken from Everest base camp and captured the largest avalanche of the 2012 climbing season. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, both Eveline and I had climbed this section of the icefall just 24 hours prior to this shot being taken.

The Khumbu Icefall

by admin 26 February, 2013
544208_376075619166069_994428619_n Motivation: If you haven’t seen the Mt. Everest short film titled “Showing Up”, give it a view. It was created to motivate you. Inspiration: If you’re not dreaming, you’re not even trying. Education: The Khumbu icefall on Mt. Everest moves downward about three feet per day. There is no way around this objective hazard. Climbing this mile-long frozen waterfall is safest at night as the extreme cold makes the ice more stable. The attached photo is me descending the icefall in the late morning. The photo was taken by Eveline, who was moving much faster through the ice blocks than I was. I was extremely tired during this section of the climb. Eveline insisted we keep moving and not rest until we were well clear of the seracs. Her instincts served me well. Twenty four hours after this picture was taken, this entire area of the icefall was hit by the largest avalanche of the 2012 Everest climbing season.

Everest Base Camp Approach

by Eric West 9 April, 2012
Eric West and Eveline Wessels of WithEricWest are on the approach to Everest base camp (EBC) and are now about 8 days and 30 miles away from base camp. Altitude sickness has already hit both climbers, but some rest in the village of Namche Bazaar should hopefully get both climbers back on schedule. About half of the trekkers who set off on the EBC trek do not make it to their destination due to illness or fatigue. Climbers, however, will wait out illness in order to get their climb underway. Tomorrow will give Eric and Eveline their first views of Mt. Everest this season. It is an impressive and somewhat intimidating sight. The mountain is a giant and 30 miles in the distance can appear almost unreachable. More stories of adventure and inspiration coming soon at