Who created Showing Up?

“Take that shot, you just might score.”

Eric West is a private yacht captain and keynote speaker who enjoys adventures at sea level, but also at the highest places on Earth. From ocean crossings on luxury yachts to scaling the flanks of Mt. Everest, Eric attributes every successful endeavor in his life to one very simple concept, Showing Up. Showing Up is a mindset, a lifestyle and a blueprint for achieving your dreams. “Showing Up has not been my success story. Showing up has been my love story. I fall in love with an idea, like climbing Everest, and then simply show up.” Through his writing and public speaking events, Eric’s only objective is inspiring others to realize their dreams. “Don’t just knock it out. Knock it out of the park!” Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, simply by showing up.

In his book titled “Showing Up”, Eric takes the reader around the world in a comical, educational and super-inspired real-life adventure. He suggests that there are no mistakes in pursuing your dream. With risk always comes reward and although you can’t do everything, you can do anything. He insists that your dreams matter. They deserve your time. “It’s time to make time. That’s not just a catchy phrase. It’s the cold, hard truth“.

“I’ve never read a guidebook in my life, but I’ve been to more than thirty countries.” Eric agrees that preparation has its place, but spontaneity and instincts are trustworthy travel companions. “No one can guide you the way that you can guide yourself. That applies to everyday life as well as destinations well off the marked path. Do what other people aren’t.” Eric hopes that there is something he has accomplished that inspires you to take a chance on yourself. “I know people who have heard my stories from around the world and then gone off to do something big, something they have always dreamt of doing. That’s what my brand is all about. Showing Up has really caught on even though I feel like it is just getting started.”   whoeveline eve1

Born in the Netherlands, Eveline Wessels has found herself high in the Himalaya many times over the last decade. She has worked as a climbing guide and is recognized as an environmental authority in the Everest region. Eveline has generated both genuine interest and concern about drinking water in the world’s most impoverished places. Through non-profit organizations, Eveline has raised funds in order to raise awareness about the necessity for clean water. “I climb with a purpose”, Eveline suggests. Her 2011 attempt on Mt. Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world, was stopped short on the South Col at just over 26,000 feet due to a rescue effort of an injured climber. But Eveline is holding fast to her dream. “I believe I can stand on top of the world, if only for a moment.”

“I met Eric West near Everest base camp in 2011. I was on an Everest/Lhotse expedition. Eric introduced me to Showing Up. He insisted I was already Showing Up and in a big way. I never really thought much about climbing the highest mountains in the world as anything special. Everyone around me was doing the same thing. Eric taught me otherwise. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with his enthusiasm to inspire other people. Not long after that, I just plain fell in love. We went back to Everest together in 2012. It was Eric’s first climbing expedition on any mountain. Although we didn’t summit, he did a really good job. It’s a lot of work up there just to survive. I remember we hiked for five days to get off the mountain. The entire trek out, Eric and I talked about the future of Showing Up. It was really fun to help in the planning of such a great idea. Here we were, in the middle of Nepal, planning how our adventures around the world would help inspire other people to achieve their wildest dreams. A Showing Up magazine and a short film about our Everest expedition were always part of the plan. It’s great to finally have those projects finished because now we can share our brand with everyone.” Eveline has worked as a business consultant all over the world. She has scheduled her work around the spring climbing season in the Himalaya and has helped run a guiding service across Nepal in the months of April and May. “Showing Up isn’t just about climbing, though. It’s really about whatever you want it to be about. Eric always says that climbing your Mt. Everest is what Showing Up is all about.” Eveline has her sights set on Pakistan for some of the world’s toughest climbing. Five of the fourteen highest mountains in the world are located there. “I’d like to drag Eric up just one more 8,000 meter peak. Maybe he can drag me back down.”