Why Showing Up works.

Your dream is like a diamond. It is precious, meaningful, and rare. Your dream is one of a kind, like your face or your laugh or the way you think. No one knows your dream better than you do. Your dream is always awake and always around. Your dream is a good idea and it’s all yours. Most importantly, your dream matters. It deserves your time, perhaps as much as anything in your life. So why are so many dreams left in the rough? Why are such promising ideas left uncut and clouded with uncertainty? The answer is fear. There is fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. There is even the fear of one’s own success.

Enter the diamond cutter, or diamantaire. The diamantaire’s job is simple; to extract the most inspiring and most valuable diamond from its’ rough. Often overlooked are the inherent mistakes commonly made in the diamond cutter’s craft. Even with the most modern technologies implemented to shape a diamond, the cutting and polishing of a gemstone always results in some loss. Armed with this knowledge, the fear of making a mistake is less important to the diamond cutter. Mistakes are anticipated and mistakes are even expected. It’s hard to believe that something as beautiful as a diamond may very well be the result of someone’s mistake.

Enter your diamond, your dream. Your dream doesn’t understand fear. Your dream prefers no particular setting. It only wants to shine. It doesn’t care if you make mistakes along the way. Dreams understand that mistakes are part of the plan and part of the fun. At first your dream may seem improbable, even impossible. But as you cut away at the rough of your gem and the design of your dream begins to take it’s shape, things soon become possible, even probable. In time your dream, chiseled from the most creative part of your being, will shine with inevitability. Your dreams will come true. Your time and your presence are a simple, potent recipe for guaranteed success. It’s time to show up. It’s time to make time.

Imagine yourself playing an instrument or speaking another language. Imagine running a business or flying an airplane. Imagine finishing a marathon or standing on a mountain top. Imagine whatever you want. There are no rules, no boundaries and no mistakes. There is nothing ordinary about your life or what you want to do with it. Your dream makes you extraordinary whether you like it or not. Your dream defines you and makes you…..you.

The Showing Up website is all about you. That is because it was designed for you. It has been designed to inspire you and convince you that your dream is going to become your reality. Consider this website an invitation to do what you have always wanted to do. Accomplishing your dream, whatever it may be, will certainly be a success story. But it will also be a love story. A story about what you love. A story about who you love. A story that assures us all, although you can’t do everything, you can do anything.

Take that shot, you just might score.